Emma’s first word, ‘gleba’ might mean more than you realised…

Remember Ross and Rachel’s daughter, Emma’s first word? Of course, you do – “She said Gleba!” as Rachel had so excitedly announced. You also probably remember exactly what ‘gleba’ means. When Ross told her it’s not a word, she proved him wrong by looking up the dictionary and finding this definition for gleba – “The fleshy spore-bearing inner mass of a certain fungi.”

Of course, Ross did get all excited about Emma’s future career prospects as a scientist. But what he probably didn’t know is that ‘gleba’ has another meaning – a slang word that you’re not likely to find in the dictionary, and one that is probably a bit more in line with the lingo of Emma’s generation (she would’ve been approximately 14 years old today).

Maybe it’s all a bunch of boo-hockey, but this is what you can find on Urban Dictionary for ‘gleba’:


The definition that Rachel found was also there, admittedly (how can it not be? It was on Friends, after all). But, maybe Emma did actually have the more perverted meaning in mind. Indeed, if she did, it would not be the first time we’ve got to witness her somewhat dirty mind. Remember, the first time she laughed? As Ross and Rachel figured out on that episode, that girl is all about the ass.

Ross singing Baby Got Back to Emma
Ross singing “Baby Got Back” to Emma to make her laugh for the first time.

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