Brooklyn Nine Nine Cheddar passes away

Stewart, the dog who played Cheddar in Brooklyn Nine-Nine passes away

Captain Raymond Holt’s dog, Cheddar was no common bitch. Indeed he had become a star, and had shown himself to be a shrewd and often decisive companion in many a Halloween Heist.

Unfortunately, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star corgi’s owner, Stella recently announced on Instagram that Stewart – Cheddar’s actual name – passed away.

“We went to the beach (his favorite place) where he frolicked in the surf and then enjoyed a picnic lunch of In & Out burgers. We relaxed in the sun and just enjoyed each other’s company,” his owner wrote on the Instagram post. “Our veterinarian met us there later and Stewart went to sleep peacefully in my arms while listening to the sounds of the ocean. He was a one in a million kind of dog, he was my supaah staah.”

Stewart is survived by his sister and equally talented actress Stella — who, according to reports, will now play the role of Captain Holt’s furry companion.

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