Test Your Reaction Time


Keep your mouse ready on the "Click Me" button. Wait for the text(in red), "Click the button!" to appear on the screen, react to it as fast as you can and click the button! You will then be shown your reaction time for the click, and your average reaction time for all your attempts upto that point.
You'll have 10 attempts, and you're average reaction time at the end of 10 attempts will be your final score. But beware, indiscriminate clicking will be penalized! A time penalty of 1 second is imposed if you click before the "Click the button!" text is shown! That would add up to an increase of 0.1 second in your final average time, so avoid it at any cost! The sequential results of each of your attempts will be displayed on the right.

To start, click "Start" and keep your mouse ready on the "Click Me" button. See how fast your reactions are!