7 Best Romantic Destinations in Prague

These romantic spots wait to envelop you in the magic of a real-life fairy tale. Legends connected with them and majestic landscapes will not leave you disappointed.


  • Prague Castle at sunset

This largest palace complex in the world delights with its grace and beauty. Tourists attack it from morning to night, so young Romeo and Juliet may not be as comfortable as we would like. But after 19-30, it’s time for leisurely romantic walks, first with sunset light, and then under the stars. Be sure to go around the Prague Castle, the Old Castle Steps, St. Vitus Cathedral, New World, and take a walk along the famous Golden Street with your soul mate. Take the person you like on a first date here, and they will not be able to reject you.


  • Charles bridge at sunrise

Another magical place Prague offers for honeymooners is a date on the Charles Bridge early in the morning. In general, life is always in full swing here: revelers, tourists, artists, traders, and so on. But at dawn, the Charles Bridge is deserted, so it is at your disposal. Just bring your jackets or windbreakers with you – in the mornings, there is pretty fresh.

According to custom, the newlyweds and just lovers must come to two statues: St. Anne and St. John of Nepomuk. The first patronizes those couples who decided to have a baby, and the second statue helps to fulfill dreams. To do this, touch the bas-relief and make a wish. Then do the following ritual: stand on a golden nail on the pavement, touch the 5 stars in the figure of the saint with your right hand, and then touch the cross on the parapet with your left hand.


  • Deer moat

Not far from the Charles Bridge and very close to the Prague castle is a unique place – a former hunting reserve, an amazing natural monument called Deer Moat. For several decades, it was closed to visitors, and only under Vaclav Havel (President of the Czech Republic) was restored and became open to visitors. This reserve can be called an ennobled oasis of beautiful wildlife, a small meadow in the west of the territory is especially good.


  • Petrin Hill in the Mala Strana quarter

This hill can be called a place of pilgrimage for all Prague lovers. It is located in the Mala Strana area and is famous for its special atmosphere of purity and romanticism: the ancient Strahov Monastery, lush tree crowns, cobblestone pavements, and magic palaces – where else would loving people go if not here? At the top of Petřín Hill, you can admire the 6-fold copy of the famous Eiffel Tower, and from the observation tower, sweet couples can enjoy the views of the local surroundings. Attention! Once on a hill, find a statue of Karel Ginek Mahi, a lyric poet loved by Czechs, and kiss near her in the name of preserving and increasing your love.


  • Kampa Island

Also located in the Lesser Country, the island resembles Venice with its many canals. It is here that the sweet couples walk along the narrowest street of the city, see the wall of the memory of John Lennon, listen to the murmur of water at the old water mill, and admire the Liechtenstein Palace. And how pretty are the colorful old buildings as if growing out of the water!

Advice! Find the Chertovka River and the old bridge across it on Kampa Island. According to ancient tradition, lovers come here to hang the lock and throw the key from it into the water: all so that the couple’s relationship grows stronger day by day.


  • Gavlichkovy gardens

Unusual Gavlichkovy gardens have nice terraces and a very unusual layout. Here, young couples like to arrange dates, who, having walked around the alleys, usually go to wander along the labyrinth grotto located in the rock. Tired and happy with each other, at the end of the meeting, they sit comfortably over a glass of wine in the Wine Arbor or are located in the Grebovka pavilion, where you can enjoy delicious desserts and coffee. Do not forget about other romantic gardens and parks, ideal for walks together: Rieger Gardens, Letna, Landronka, Voyanovy Gardens, and others.


  • A romantic walk along the Vltava

What could be more beautiful than an evening walk along the Vltava waves on a motor ship or a river tram, but better – on a gondola that sways gradually on the refreshing waters of the river? Architectural masterpieces and green gardens that pass by, the starry sky above your head, light breeze, the hot embrace of your loved one – pure romance!

  • Wallenstein Garden

The garden is famous for its sculptures as if descended from the pages of a book about myths and legends of Ancient Greece, fountains, well-groomed plantings, and, of course, a romantic atmosphere. It is best, if possible, to go here in the spring: the air seems to be saturated with love at this time of the year, and the park delights with a riot of colors and an unimaginable amount of flowers!

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