Trove 42 - The top 10 castles tp visit in Germany

Exploring Grandeur: Top 10 German Castles You Must Visit

Germany, with its rich tapestry of history and remarkable architectural heritage, is home to numerous castles, each whispering tales of eras gone by. From majestic fortresses perched high on mountain tops to enchanting palaces surrounded by lush gardens, these castles reflect the diverse regions and historical epochs of Germany. Embark on a journey through time, […]

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The Brazen Bull Versus Impalement – Face-off of the two ancient torture techniques

Human torture has been prevalent since Ancient times. In fact, throughout history people have used torture as a method of interrogation and extracting information, as punishment for crimes and a tool for social justice, and even just to satisfy one’s sadistic urges. Probably the most disturbing fact about torture is not simply that it exists, […]

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High School decides to teach students parenting skills, asks them to post nonstop photos of egg to social media

Larimer County High School have given its students a unique assignment, in an attempt to simulate the responsibilities of parenthood. Pairs of juniors were each given an egg on Monday and instructed to post nonstop photos of it to social media. “For one week, students will be asked to deluge their various accounts with as […]

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