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How Will Your Life Change if You Delete Almost All Apps on Your Smartphone?

The benefits of a Smartphone without any deviation are enormous. Studies by the German Institute of Psychology at the University of Humboldt show the costs of interrupted work: more speed and stress, it takes at least 23 minutes to focus on the task after a break. If there are many applications installed on your Smartphone, you are probably not concentrating, as notifications will arrive more than once in 23 minutes causing many distractions. Therefore, Smartphone, not only makes life easier but also affect personal productivity when we communicate with friends or with a professional gadget, we pay attention to ourselves. We read notices, we check e-mail, and we often discuss it. This exacerbates concentration, hinders the resolution of complex problems and virtually destroys vital relationships

How those applications like the email, a browser, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, news, and games, causing trivial disrupt when the first glittery and beautiful iPhone came out and caused huge traffic of sales.

Benefits of Smartphone

The ability to contact family members, business partners, and access to email are just some of the reasons why mobile phones are becoming more and more important. Today’s technologically advanced mobile phones can not only receive and make calls, but also store data, capture photos and even be used as walkie-talkie, to mention just some.

“In case of emergency, owning a mobile phone can help you reach quickly and potentially save your lives. However, the importance of mobile phones goes beyond personal safety. Modern mobile phones can access the Internet, send, and receive photos and files,” says Deana M. Smith, a tech editor at Boomessays and Essayroo. Some phones are equipped with GPS technology, allowing them to be used in most parts of the world, and locating a phone or user in case of loss or urgency.

Smartphone addiction

However, addiction to your cell phone can become addictive and this addiction can cause psychological problems that can affect your physical and mental health.

While mobile phones allow users unrestricted access to information and connect with third parties in a way that would otherwise be impossible, the dependence of the Smartphone has many harmful and disruptive effects. “Mobile phone dependency, sometimes called problematic use of cell phones, addiction to behaviors that consideration are similar to gambling, shopping, or video games, and lead to serious deterioration, or anxiety in life. People with this disease often have what is called “nomofobia” or fear that they will not have a mobile phone,” says Nancy J. Fountain, a content manager at UKWritings and State Of Writing.

Are You Paying Attention?

However, the benefits of the Smartphone hide behind the importance of “work.” However, can you really focus with this addiction to it use? Can you focus with its multiple tools? Does Smartphone really improve your life? Is your Smartphone not in control of your daily life? We should ponder upon these multiple questions.

Treatment of Addiction

There are several types of treatment for addicts of cell phone. It can be as simple as setting the rules for yourself and downloading applications to your phone to reduce usage. On the other hand, in difficult cases, different treatment methods and treatment centers are available. However, before we look at that have you asked yourself this question?


How will I feel? Crazy. I will go crazy

Instead of taking a whole week off, take a two-hour experiment

We recommend an attempt to experiment in multiple steps, not a week, but just two hours.

  • Set priorities decide on what you want. Focus on work, studies, and personal development.
  • Inform your friends and colleagues to call if they have urgent need that you will not always be available to reply instant messaging.
  • Remove applications from social networks. You can still access your accounts from your computer or phone so you do not lose them.
  • Remove all games and applications to watch videos
  • Remove web browsers
  • Delete e-mail and all instant messages, including those needed for work.
  • Delete notification buzz
  • Leave the phone for two hours and see the outcome.

If it sounds too scary, try remove few applications for a start, for example, from a series of games or social networks. Remember, this is not a monastic decision: you can always install everything back.


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