Mark Ruffalo accidentally livestreamed parts of Thor: Ragnarok on Instagram

Mark Ruffalo accidentally live streams parts of Thor: Ragnarok in epic goof up

Last night, Mark Ruffalo attended the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok, and accidentally live-streamed a good portion of the movie on Instagram.

The actor, who plays Hulk in the movie, was introduced by a recording of Jeff Goldblum’s character, The Grand Master, to spark excitement at the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

As is quite common with celebrities, Ruffalo wanted to record and live stream the applause from the audience on his Instagram account. However, he forgot to end the live stream before putting the phone back in his pocket.

The live stream was still up and running when the movie began. Despite alerts from fans on Twitter and Instagram that his phone was still broadcasting, the stream continued. Both laughter from the audience and audio from the movie could be heard in the live stream.

Fans reported that the star finally realized his mistake a short time into the movie, before any real damage was done. But Ruffalo’s stream had attracted almost 2500 viewers while he was still in the theater.

Despite the live stream eventually being stopped, the audio was captured and upoaded to YouTube. However, the video has since been blocked.

This is not the first time that Mark Ruffalo has inadvertently leaked Marvel secrets. And he may be heavily fined for this latest goof up. Whatever happens, it has definitely provided people with a moment of comedy that will be laughed at for some time to come.



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