Pornhub sued by deaf man for not providing subtitles

Pornhub sued by deaf man claiming disability discrimination for alleged lack of subtitles

A deaf man has reportedly filed a class-action lawsuit against the popular adult video website, Pornhub for alleged rights violations because he says it doesn’t provide closed captioning on its videos. Yaroslav Suris has filed the case against website claiming its lack of subtitles is a denial of access, TMZ reports. Suris shared that he had […]

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The Internet has just witnessed the largest data breach in history, “Collection #1”

The Internet has just witnessed the largest data breach in history. The breach, which is being called Collection #1 has been first identified and reported by security researcher, Troy Hunt. According to Hunt, Collection #1 is a set of email addresses and passwords totalling 2,692,818,238 rows and is taken from many different individual data breaches […]

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TRAI chief reveals Aadhar number challenging hackers, security researcher responds with whole host of personal info

The Aadhar card has been a hotly debated topic in India over the last couple of years. The Government has been pushing for the mandatory linking of citizens’ Aadhar numbers with a whole host of things ranging from bank accounts to Government subsidies. However, the security and privacy of the Aadhar system has been heavily […]

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Sara Errani blames her mum's pasta for failed dope test

Sara Errani receives reduced doping ban because of her mother’s pasta cooking methods

Earlier this week, Italian newspapers had reported that former French Open finalist, Sara Errani had failed a doping test. Errani had tested positive for letrozole, a drug often prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer, but is also associated with the promotion of muscle tissue in female bodybuilders. The tests were carried out in February […]

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