Nominees Announced For The 100th Academy Awards

Jan 17, 2028 – The nominees for The 100th Academy Awards have been announced. Ballhood and Beggarman have led the way with 9 nominations each, including nominations in the Best Picture category.

Christopher Nolan’s Insightful, which has widely been regarded as the best movie this year, as well as one of the greatest movies ever by movie-goers has been snubbed for the Best Picture category. However, it has received a nomination in the Best Sound Mixing category. The science fiction epic, which currently has an IMDb rating of 9.8, and which a very large percentage of viewers are calling the greatest movie they’ve ever seen, was expected to at least be amongst the nominations this time. However, in its 100th year, the Academy Awards continues its tradition of not giving the Best Picture award to the best movie of the year. According to Roger Dent’s much publicised and somewhat controversial study, the Best Picture Oscar has actually gone to the best picture only 7 times in its 99 year history, and the best picture has actually been nominated only 18 times, and it looks like this tradition is going to be maintained in the 100th year of the ACADEMY AWARDS too. An inside source who did not wish to be named had this to say about the simultaneously surprising and predictable exclusion: “The panel does not really care about how much the audience enjoys watching a certain movie. It’s based on much finer intangible details that we make these choices. Also, the panel does not necessarily consist of the smartest people on the planet, and many of them weren’t able to understand large parts of Insightful.”

With Insightful out of the way, Ballhood looks to be the favourite to pick up the Best Picture award, as well as a bunch of others. The four hour chronicle about the life of a ball has got a lot of the plaudits this awards season. The movie which has no living characters or speech, and has been shot exclusively in a single room, over the span of 12 years has got the critics raving about its direction and cinematography, but mostly over the fact that it has been shot over 12 years. Some have pointed out that it’s not a very difficult directing task to film a motionless ball in a single room, and many of the average movie goers have complained that the movie has no plot, no storyline, nothing happens for 4 hours straight, and that the movie is a complete waste of time. However, these things are generally not taken into account by the Oscar panel and the facts that the room where the motionless ball sits has walls of British design and that there are intermittent moments when the movie switches to black and white should give it a massive advantage.

Ballhood’s closest rival would seem to be Beggarman, which has also had its fair share of success this awards season. It features some stellar performances, and has received several nominations in the acting categories too. John Doe, who plays a former homeless beggar who misses his homeless days, seems a certainty for the Best Actor award. Again, Beggarman has also received flak for lacking a storyline, and just being very uninteresting in general, and many viewers have also complained it’s “stupid” and “makes no sense”. However, that should in no way detract from its Oscar chances, and it will be interesting to see if it can snatch the Best Picture award from Ballhood.

No superhero movie has ever received the Best Picture award or even a nomination, for that matter, and that trend also continued with the highest grossing movie of the year, DC’s Justice League – The Mountain of Doom predictably ignored. Our unnamed source said, “Yes, that was a wonderful movie. But come on, how can we nominate it for the Oscars, it’s superhero-zoned!” She later went on to explain that it’s similar to a girl friendzoning a guy by saying “You’re just a friend”, but instead the Oscars say to a movie “You’re just a superhero movie.”

In other interesting nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated in the Best Actor category for the 7th time in 12 years. He is yet to win an Oscar, and this year does not look likely to be his year either, with John Doe being the clear favourite. In the Best Original Song category Nicki Minaj’s Lick My B**bs, a hip-hop number about a guy licking her b**bs, which has been used as the theme song for Beggarman seems to be the clear favourite, given its popularity on radio over the past few months.


Note – this article was first published on a different platform before last year’s Oscars, so some of the content might seem outdated (yes, we’re talking about Leo). 

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