Best Music Still Not on Spotify

The best music not available on Spotify

In an era where streaming has become the epitome of music consumption, Spotify stands out as a giant, boasting millions of songs from a diverse array of genres and artists around the globe. However, even within its expansive sonic realm, there exist elusive musical gems—iconic and groundbreaking works—that remain conspicuously absent from its extensive catalog. Whether due to legal disputes, licensing issues, or artists’ preferences, these missing pieces leave a noticeable void in the otherwise comprehensive music repository that Spotify offers to its vast user base.

Embarking on a musical expedition beyond the boundaries of Spotify can unearth a wealth of exceptional tunes and groundbreaking albums that remain untouched by the streaming behemoth’s extensive reach. This article aims to guide you through some of the most notable musical treasures that, to the dismay of many aficionados, have not found a home within the green-and-black interface of Spotify.

5. Joanna Newsom

The harpist and singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom have famously described streaming services as “the banana of the music industry,” and her music is not available on Spotify.

Fortunately, her music is available for purchase on Amazon.

4. Nicole – Catalog prior to 1992

The pre-1992 album catalog of German pop singer and former Eurovision winner, Nicole, is unfortunately not available on Spotify. This is a bigger whammy, given that her most popular and perhaps also her best stuff was released in the 1980s. This includes her brilliant 1983 self-titled all-English album, Nicole.

3. The Irish Rovers – Most of the catalog prior to 1989

The folk band The Irish Rovers are surely among the most beloved Celtic folk bands around. Going strong for over 60 years now, they have amassed a vast and impressive discography.

Unfortunately, their stuff prior to the 1989 album, Hardstuff, does not appear on Spotify except for the 2 albums, It Was a Night Like This released in 1982 and The Unicorn released in 1973.

Some of their earlier stuff is still available on Amazon and Discog.

2. Neil Young

Neil Young has had an on-again, off-again relationship with streaming services, removing his music from Spotify and other platforms recently. His biggest complaint has been about sound quality issues.

You can still order Neil Young’s albums on Amazon.

Neil Young’s latest album is out now and selling well.

1. Garth Brooks entire discography

The most notable name missing from streaming catalogs has to be the country music superstar, Garth Brooks. The second highest selling artist in US history in terms of albums sold has been a notable holdout from most streaming services, including Spotify, preferring to sell his music directly to fans through his website and other platforms.

As Brooks once claimed, as long as people are still buying his albums, he has no intention of uploading his music on any streaming platform.

You can buy some of Brooks’ best works here.

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