54 Pizza chefs bring london's oxford street tp a standstill - pizza flare

54 pizza chefs bring London’s Oxford Street to a standstill with synchronized pizza flare

UK based pizza chain Pizza Express has been in the pizza making business for 54 years and they just celebrated the opening of their new Oxford Circus pizzeria. And boy, did they do it in some style.

54 pizzaiolos (one for each year of PizzaExpress) stopped traffic in London’s West End with their amazing flaring skills. It was an amazing synchronized performance with pizza dough thrown to heights of over 15 feet.


Nicolle Collelouri, pizzaiolo at the St Martin’s Lane Pizza Express restaurant, said: “It’s been an incredible experience. Of course, we all know how to flare, but synchronising our timing was quite a challenge – and doing it in the few seconds we had when the traffic stopped, really added to the complexity.”

He added, “We’re so pleased we managed to make it happen and the photos should look amazing.”

You are right, Nicolle. They sure do look amazing.

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