College student blames black cat for failing exam, decides to sue

DALLAS, TEXAS – Having failed his college final year examination, Texas college student, Robert Hick, has decided to sue a black cat, seeking compensation for damages worth $200,000. According to the complaint, his preparation for the exam was “absolutely perfect”, and the only reason he failed was because a black cat crossed his path while on his way to college on the day of the examination.
“That’s the only logical explanation,” Robert told our correspondent. Regarding the seemingly high $200,000, he explained, “it means 6 more months before I can pass college. Plus it severely dents my job prospects post college. The actual damages could even be worth a lot more than $200,000.”
Having received this unique lawsuit, the court told Robert that he needed to exactly specify who the accused was ie. he needed to specify which black cat. This prompted Robert to file an FIR with the local police. The latest news from the Dallas Police Department is that 8 black cats from the relevant area have been rounded up, and the complainant has been asked to come in tomorrow to see if he could positively ID the alleged offender.

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