Fidget Spinner - Represent Holy Trinity

Fidget spinners are helping Christians find God. Priests have begun using them in sermons.

Fidget spinners have become an immensely popular toy trend and they’re marketed as a stress reliever, as well as being said to help those suffering from ADHD, autism or anxiety.

If you’re not familiar with the fidget spinner yet, it consists of a three pronged structure with a central bearing from which the device may be spun. The low-tech device has surged in popularity in recent months, among both schoolchildren and working adults struggling with the daily grind. And now, it’s also helping Christians around the world find a connection to God!

Some branches of Christianity seem to think the toy could represent the Holy Trinity and thus God’s triune nature – the son, the father, the holy spirit. Various priests have now begun using the device to explain its meaning.


The tripartite design of the fidget spinner does resemble certain images of the Trinity. And while objects like three-leaf clovers have been touted in the past as analogies for God’s triune nature, the fidget spinner goes further because it spins – and so perhaps better captures the dynamic movement and equality of the Holy trinity.

The Holy Trinity has always been a sort of enigma, the concept itself somewhat paradoxical in nature (Surprise?). Theologians and Christian thinkers have long wondered about the nature and representations of the Trinity.

But of course, good old God would not keep the people waiting forever. And so – enter the fidget spinner!

Perhaps it’s really true. After all, the device has been touted as a stress reliever, and as a helpful toy for those with autism, ADHD, etc. Maybe it really is God helping you find your inner peace. Maybe it really is God helping those born less fortunate. Or maybe God just likes going for a spin every now and then.

But with senior clergymen now on the fidget spinner bandwagon, one thing’s for sure – comparing a fidget spinner to the nature of God is definitely not going to be called blasphemy.

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